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Consumer Rights Laws Keep People Safe From Unethical Companies

Consumers should be able to trust that an item they buy in the store or online is safe for them to use. Although there are laws in place that tell manufacturers this, consumers are injured by products they purchase all the time. Some injuries are very minor and caused by misuse of the product. Others, however, can be severe and require medical attention. Sometime people die using products they thought were safe.

Consumer Rights

The Consumer Product Safety Act outlines the guidelines manufacturers must comply with in order to sell goods in the United States. Most of the regulations are straightforward, but they are subject to change. As more products are developed, there is always a potential for something to go wrong. One of the most important consumer rights is the right to know exactly how a product should be used. The law requires companies to provide clear directions for use to help keep consumers safe. Ideally, companies make proactive steps to prevent injuries from their products. When they don't, a consumer rights attorney may help a person get compensation for their damages.

Consumers also have rights protecting them against aggressive debt collection practices. When a company violates those consumer protections, they may be held liable. It doesn't matter whether the consumer they harass owes a legitimate debt or not. If a company or their representative violates a consumer's rights, they could be sued. Anyone who thinks they may be a victim of unlawful debt collection practices should contact Modestas Law to get a confidential review of their case.

Choosing an Attorney

Every major city is full of legal professionals. Many of them focus on particular aspects of law. Therefore, some attorneys have vast experience helping clients get divorced and others have spent a lot of time protecting the rights of consumers. Choosing a divorce lawyer to help with a consumer protection case, even if they are a family friend and offering a significant discount, may not be a good idea.

Everyone who purchases a product should feel safe using it. They should also feel comfortable answering their phone, even if they owe money to a creditor. Laws have been created to protect people who need them most. Anyone who has been a victim of a dangerous product or aggressive collections should visit to learn more about their rights and get in touch with an attorney who focuses on protecting the rights of consumers.